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Welcome to Early Childhood in View!

Writing this first entry for Early Childhood in View reminds me of a child I had in kindergarten my first year of teaching.  He was fine all day in class, but when it was time to go home he would fall to the floor kicking and just wail!  Each day I would coax him to the bus for home. One day was exceptionally bad.  He wouldn’t move. He told me he didn’t like to go home because there was nothing for him to do there. He said he had no toys or books and that school was so much fun he hated to leave.  I picked out several books and bagged some building blocks for him to take home.  He promised to return the items to school the next day and to his delight, with each daily return, I sent home different books and creative materials. To my delight, his daily outbursts ended.

Families are charged with helping their children develop background knowledge before entering school.  Background experience can make all the difference in beginning a successful school journey.  Often, families are unable to provide adequate learning experiences for a variety of reasons, which we will explore in future posts. For now – know there are sources and resources available to all families to make sure every child receives adequate learning experiences before entering school.

That said, this blog is for children, parents, and teachers. It will be a source of support, a generator of helpful ideas, and an outlet for questions and concerns to better understand the early learning years. I hope you will visit frequently and be active participants in sharing and learning. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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